Are you aged between 15 and 24?

Please write an essay of 500 or 1000 words (depending on your age) and send it to us by 31 October. This is your chance to tell the world what you think needs to be done to promote peace and reduce conflict.

Rules and How to Enter

See here for the Rules and further information on how to enter the competition.

Why enter this Competition?

This is an exceptional opportunity for young people aged between 15 and 24 on 31 October to express their ideas about peace, harness their creativity, learn through doing research, improve on their writing skills, gain exposure to the world through publication of their essay, receive a certificate of participation and stand a chance to win a monetary prize.

It is a platform for nurturing a generation of peace-oriented citizens and future leaders.

It is a potential tool for exploring young peoples’ opinions on peace agendas and for harnessing their enthusiasm for contributing to the improvement of peace in the world.

The collection of written essays could serve as a resource for various sectors, for example a source of ideas for leaders, items for analysis by social scientists and law scholars, a motivation for use by teachers to encourage their students to write essays and a revelation for politicians about the issues that preoccupy the minds of young people.

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This competition is organised by the United Nations Association Coventry Branch.

Coventry is known around the world as a City of Peace and Reconciliation. Judges come from Coventry University and the University of Warwick and others are welcome to apply via via